An Overview of Marketing Conferences and Seminars in the UK

Marketing is a rapidly evolving field. As consumers become more dynamic and sophisticated, marketing is forced to find ways to maximize customer value and create unique customer experience. The best way for marketers to keep up with the latest concepts, technologies and practices is to attend marketing conferences and events.

Content marketing, Digital marketing, Mobile marketing, SEO, and Social Media, all are included in the agendas of the most prominent marketing conferences and seminars taking place in the UK throughout the year. Regardless of the particular topics addressed in each seminar, there is always a correlation between the increasing role of the social media and digital marketing with the changing customer needs.

The following are some of the best marketing conferences and seminars in the UK

The Big Rethink

The Big Rethink Conference focuses on how to personalize marketing to meet customer needs. The use of advanced technology enables marketers to deliver tailor made customer value and satisfy consumer requests. It is expected that, in approximately five years, technological innovation will make consumer expectations highly sophisticated and therefore, more personalized marketing opportunities will be offered to customers.

Social Media World Forum

The Social Media World Forum (SMWF) is a must-attend marketing conference for those involved in the social and digital marketing. By delivering high-end strategic advice, the SMWF focuses on how social media are used as a marketing tool through the use of innovative techniques and practices. Additionally, it explains how major brands are using social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to increase their return on investment (ROI) and competitively position their offerings to achieve better results.

Forrester's Forum for Marketing Leaders EMEA

A Forrest Forum is a must-attend event for learning how to focus on the utility of a marketing campaign to deliver high quality marketing services. The conference teaches marketing professionals how to transform their marketing campaign into brand building by using Forrester research and survey data and how to balance marketing objectives with customer needs.

Internet World

Internet World is Europe's oldest digital marketing conference that hosts more than 300 exhibitors each year. The conference focuses on the aspects of digital strategy with the use of online technology, business infrastructure and information security.

Festival of Marketing

B2B companies are transforming the marketing landscape by generating revenue through content marketing and social media. Festival of Marketing focuses on new tools and tactics to deliver immediate results by capitalizing on marketing transformation through different events, including Funnel (correlation between marketing and sales), Jump (correlation between marketing and customer experience), Punch (correlation between marketing and creativity, Crunch (correlation between marketing and data analytics), Digital Cream X (the digital marketing elite) and The Fringe (correlation between marketing and networking).

Digital Cream London

The Digital Cream Conference is an exclusive roundtable event for senior marketers interested in learning from each other about the latest marketing trends, data driven marketing, cross channel marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing strategy and more. This superb hands-on event allows the exchange of valuable information between marketing professionals as well as networking with people across various industries through discussions.

Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit

By capitalizing on the age of the digital economy, Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit offers marketers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with business-critical intelligence in the context of cutting edge CRM strategies. The goal of the Summit is to learn how to anticipate market complexity and deliver customer value by employing innovation in a win-win marketing strategy.

Affiliate Management Days

By addressing the increasing importance of affiliate marketing, Affiliate Management Days is a must-attend seminar for affiliate marketing professionals interested in performance marketing and its cutting-edge inquiries. The conference offers a valuable insight into how to manage and implement affiliate marketing effectively by covering a wide range of topics, including affiliate recruitment techniques, affiliate marketing analytics, affiliate networks, mobile & affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing fraud and many others.


Ad:Tech is one of the leading conferences taking place worldwide for digital marketing. By revealing the latest trends in interactive and digital marketing, Ad:Tech addresses contemporary industry challenges and enables marketing professionals to stay ahead of the competition. The Conference covers a wide range of topics, including networking in the digital marketing industry, sourcing new suppliers and partners, developing digital marketing strategies and more.